Star Wars movies and video games are up to 50% off today


It’s May 4th, which means there’s a lot of Star Warson the topic today. We’ve decided to only cover a few discounts on acclaimed video games and movies, but, of course, you can also get products if you feel like it. My colleague Kim Lyons wrote about the new four-pack Star Wars facial masks available for pre-order. Although somewhat expensive to pre-order at $ 20, they guarantee that you are covered during the pandemic while redoing the beloved deductible on your face.

You can get a lot on a new movie Star Wars collection of Vudu and the Google Play Store. Instead of paying a total of $ 100 for the nine 4K movies, the package costs $ 80 (about $ 8.90 per movie). The collection, entitled “The Skywalker Saga” contains the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy of the first augts, and the most recent trilogy ending in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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