Snowpiercer showrunner talks about trauma and show politics


Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly in Snowpiercer.

Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly in Snowpiercer.
Image: TNT

Snowpiercer, like many stories about ecological and social disaster stratification in the face of disaster, feels more and more relevant over time. The latest version of the story, in the form of TNT’s next TV show, seems particularly well synchronized. And his showrunner hopes that the timing turns out to be precious.

In an interview with Variety, Graeme Manson, former showrunner of Black orphan and the showrunner of Snowpiercer TV show, shared his thoughts on the thematic importance of the show and how he worked to focus and highlight these themes in the adaptation of a feature film.

“Everyone feels like they’ve done their part to destroy the world and lose everyone and everything they’ve ever known,” Manson told Variety, about the characters in the series. “Most of the fears that are in the series are things like migration, detention, immigration, privileges, then climate change is just something that hangs over the whole series, and what hangs over each character is guilt. Everyone has this trauma in themselves. “

This trauma and these great social concerns weigh heavily on what the series is trying to do and defines its approach. As Manson explains, each episode of the first season has a different narrator, allowing Snowpiercer deepen the drawing of a larger and more complex image not only of individual trauma but also of collective trauma. And this trauma, in turn, defines the way people on the train try to shape the future, which will become more and more important as André Layton (Daveed Diggs) follows a path that leads him inexorably towards revolution.

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“The revolution will be threatened,” said Manson. “Conspiracy and secrets play an important role in the train and misinformation, but what they are looking for are equal calories, fair representation. They are trying to write a constitution and we all know what it is. They’re trying to revive democracy, and especially in these times, I think it’s important. This is another of these [areas] where the show rubs against our current reality. ”

Collective trauma and disorder of governing during the crisis? No, it doesn’t seem relevant to the present at all. No … not at all.

Snowpiercer raw May 17 on TNT.

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