Smokers, diabetics and hypertensives may have stroke due to COVID-19


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New Delhi: The rapidly changing novel Coronavirus appears to cause sudden strokes in people who are heavy smokers, diabetic and suffering from hypertension, the doctors suggested on Saturday.

They said there is growing evidence to suggest that COVID-19 infection can cause blood clotting in an unusual way, and as a result, stroke may be a result.

Nishith Chandra, Director of Interventional Cardiology at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, said that many younger people with symptoms of COVID-19 have died from strokes in the United States and the United Kingdom. . “Because of the increased blood clotting COVID-19 in many parts of the body – heart, lungs, liver, brain, kidney and lower extremities.

“Whatever pattern we got in Italy, the clinical profile is pretty much the same. Trends show thrombosis in Indian patients. Stroke may emerge from the Indian disease pattern, “said Chandra.

The doctor stressed that smokers and people with diabetes are more vulnerable to stroke, and it is important to exercise tight control of blood sugar. “H1N1 had no thrombosis, but Covid-19 has it,” he added.

According to studies in the Netherlands and France, it appears that clots appear in 20 to 30% of seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

Sujeet Jha, senior director of Endocrinology Diabetes Max Health Care, said that clinicians should investigate any unusual strokes or even heart attacks with a possible link to Covid-19 infection. The blood tends to be thicker with a serious infection which results in small or larger clots which can cause sudden blockages in the blood supply to part of the brain and they can lead to weakness or paralysis of the body.

“COVID-19 infection with stroke up to 5 to 6%, according to different studies. It is more common to see who has a severe infection and associated comorbid conditions that are similar to pulmonary syndromes like advanced age Diabetes Mellitus, although some young people have also had a stroke based on American studies for the first time, added Jha. He stressed that diabetes is well known to increase the risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease (CVD) by 2 to 3 times, and most of the early deaths from diabetes are due to CVD.

Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City reported that mechanically ventilated Covid-19 patients who had received blood thinners had lower mortality than those who had not been treated with them.

Manisha Chakrabarti, a senior consultant in congenital and pediatric heart disease at Indraprastha Apollo hospitals, said that heavy smokers, diabetics, people with hypertension and pre-existing heart problems are vulnerable to stroke from COVID-19. “Thromboembolic events are linked to COVID-19. In the United States, in children, inflammation of the coronary arteries has been observed, and there is a possibility of clots forming in the arteries … the coronavirus causes organ damage, “added Chakrabarti.


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