Six other people in Wales die from coronavirus for a total of 1,260 people


The number of people who died after contracting coronavirus in Wales has reached 1,260 after six more deaths were reported today (Saturday).

Wales Public Health also announced 185 new confirmed cases of the virus, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 13,169.

As of Friday, 2,161 tests were performed in Wales, despite testing capacity greater than 5,000.

The number of reported deaths has decreased this week.

The last time reported deaths were so low, it was May 11, when only five deaths were recorded by PHW.

Where in Wales are the new cases?

The most recent cases reported to PHW have occurred in Wrexham, where 37 people have tested positive in the past 24 hours.

Carmarthenshire is the local authority with the second highest record of new cases with 29 confirmed, followed by Cardiff at 18 and Rhondda Cynon Taf at 10.

Elsewhere, the NHS England announced 157 new deaths from people who tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths in hospitals in England to 25,544.

Among the latest deaths announced on Saturday by NHS England, a 12-year-old had underlying health conditions.

The 157 included patients aged 12 to 100 years. Among them, seven – ages 57 to 88 – had no known underlying health problems. The youngest death announced by NHS England was a six-week-old baby.

Of the 25,545 confirmed deaths reported so far in hospitals in England of people who tested positive for Covid-19, 13,507 (53%) were people aged 80 and over while 9,814 (38%) were elderly 60 to 79 years old.

In Northern Ireland, the Department of Health today announced another coronavirus-related death.

This most recent increase brings the death toll to 505 at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 23.

And a further 41 cases have been detected, bringing the total number of positive cases in Northern Ireland to 4,545. In the past 24 hours, an additional 1,183 people have been tested for Covid-19.

The number of confirmed coronavirus deaths in Scotland has risen to 2,261, according to the latest figures. It marks an increase of 16 the day before, when the figure was 2,245.

Health Protection Scotland statistics also indicate that 15,041 people have now tested positive for the virus north of the border, up from 72,949 on Friday.

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Coronavirus last

The latest figures were released on Saturday afternoon following public warnings by Welsh NHS boss Dr Andrew Goodall not to ruin Wales’ “exceptional efforts” this holiday weekend.

He said: “We have seen exceptional efforts on the part of the NHS to treat people in Wales.

“We don’t want to throw this out over the next holiday weekend and beyond.

“For the moment, the council remains to stay at home to protect yourself and your loved ones. “

His recall follows news from Prime Minister Mark Drakeford who said the Welsh government will consider “modest” easing next week – but only if the public continues to follow current guidelines.

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Drakeford said on Friday that finding ways to allow more interaction with family and friends could be a small change Wales could consider.

Mr Drakeford acknowledged that people lack human contact with family and friends in Wales, but said that most people are “on the side of the approach we take” by not rushing into things.

The Prime Minister has said that the Welsh government is focusing on this issue and is considering models that could potentially allow people to interact with friends and family.

He said that we “are not there yet” to determine how this could be achieved, but that the subject “is the most active of our discussions”.

He added that he hoped the Welsh government would have something to say about it next week, but it will only be done if it doesn’t put people in danger.


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