Sia reveals she adopted two teens last year


Siais proud to confirm that she is now the mother of two teenagers.

The singer revealed in an interview with SiriusXM The Morning Mash Up that she adopted two 18-year-old boys in 2019. She said she made the decision to make them legally members of her family because she knew they were “aging outside the foster care system.” She said, “I love them. “

Together, they are coping with the pandemic as best they can. “They’re both struggling, one more than the other,” she said. “But they are both doing things that are really good for them right now, that are really useful. They really do a lot of educational things that are good for them. “

News of his extended family comes almost a year after the pop star offered to adopt the 16-year-old boy Dasani of the HBO documentary Foster.

She said in a tweet deleted since last May, “Hey Dasani from‘ FOSTER ’on HBO! I would like to adopt you. We’re just trying to find you and do my home check, etc. But I want you to know that you will have a house with me. ”

It is not known if the teenager is one of the two adopted children that Sia adopted, but she said later in a January Interview with GQ that she had “adopted a son”.

It seems that the Australian singer is raising the boys alone, as she and her 2-year-old husband separated in December 2016. In addition, the star said that her two sons will continue to be the main men in her life since her ” decided to be single for the rest of [her] life. “

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