SHAMEFACED: The mayor issues a mea culpa for a missed mask in a park


He hides his face … in shame.

Toronto Mayor John Tory apologized after photos of the civic leader displaying a questionable social distancing label in a crowded park in Trinity Bellwoods on Saturday caused uproar on social media.

“I had every intention of moving away physically but it was very difficult to do,” he wrote in a statement released on Sunday evening.

“I was wearing a mask in the park but I didn’t use it properly, another thing that disappoints me.

“These are mistakes I made and as a leader in this city, I know I have to set a better example for the future.”

Photos of Tory mingling with park enthusiasts appeared on social media this weekend, showing him standing within two meters of the others and wearing his black cloth mask under his chin.

Conservative spokesperson Don Peat said TorontoSun the mayor went to the park to get an overview of the situation, “in accordance with his frequent practice of witnessing scenes of major incidents in the city”.

On Wednesday, Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s chief medical officer of health, followed the example of her provincial and federal counterparts and reversed Toronto Public Health’s position on non-medical face masks when it is not possible to maintain a social distance.

She warned of what Tory was doing on Saturday: “Don’t leave it around your neck, hanging on your ear or on your forehead. “

Toronto mayor John Tory’s social media image at Trinity Bellwoods Park on Saturday, less than six feet from others and wearing his mask around his neck – an act that Toronto’s best doctor Eileen de Villa advised against earlier this week . Tory has since apologized.



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