Senate adopts $ 9 billion COVID-19 student aid package


Senators were recalled to Ottawa on Friday where, after several hours of deliberation, they adopted the federal government’s COVID-19 package of $ 9 billion in support, the third largest bill in the world. emergency since the end of the pandemic.

Bill C-15 – “An Act respecting the Canada student emergency benefits” – was passed in the Senate on Friday evening after senators spent the day debating the proposals and questioning the Minister of Employment, Carla Qualtrough, on the measures contained in the law.

With the new measures now in effect, benefit programs can begin to be implemented. Qualtrough said the target for the opening of candidates is mid-May.

The House of Commons met on Wednesday to study the legislative package, which was passed after opposition parties negotiated an increase in emergency benefits for students.

As part of the Canada Student Emergency Allowance, eligible post-secondary students and recent graduates who have had their education and job prospects hindered by the current COVID-19 pandemic will receive $ 1,250 per month in May to August. For those who are disabled or take care of another person, they will receive $ 2,000, which is the amount received by those who are eligible for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

Also included in the federal government’s promises to students and youth affected by the new coronavirus pandemic:

  • 76,000 additional jobs in sectors that need help or are on the front line;

  • millions of new spending to extend bursaries, grants and scholarships as well as to double the Canada student grants program; and,

  • a new Canada Student Services Grant that would allow youth to receive up to $ 5,000 for their fall school fees if they volunteer in an area that needs help due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

In addition to the enhanced emergency benefit for disabled or dependent students, there was an agreement that all applicants for the benefit should be directed to a federal job bank to encourage the unemployed to seek employment. summer.


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