Screenshots showed Brendan Leipsic was making misogynistic comments and calling the losers of Capitals teammates in Instagram group chat


Capitals Forward Brendan Leipsic made misogynistic comments in a private Instagram conversation that was leaked on Wednesday. Also in the conversation, Leipsic disparaged his old and current teammates, including teammates Nic Dowd and Garnet Hathaway. Leipsic was unveiled by the Instagram account @ Angelszeee2020.

Leipsic somehow apologized.

The Panthers Jack rodewald also participated in the group discussion.

Leipsic says hateful things to specific women, including harsh descriptions of their appearance. Some screenshots have been republished on Twitter. Leipsic called his fourth-line teammates Hathaway and Dowd “losers”. He also said about Jake Virtanen and his friends: “Easily the worst crew in the world. “

Screenshots can be seen in full via this thread on Twitter.

HERE IS A WIRE FROM ALL DMS. the account was deleted but I captured them all
I’m sorry if some of these screenshots are duplicate

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

– lily (@jackeichs) May 6, 2020

One of the most popular items on Reddit Hockey and Hockey Twitter is the Leipsic comment screenshots.

Brendan Leipsic even called his former Canucks teammates, like Virtanen, and his current Capitals teammates.

– Leah Kessel (@leahflame) May 6, 2020

This afternoon, Leipsic deleted his Instagram account.

@ Angelszeee2020 also deleted his account. The description of @ Angelszeee2020 in their profile reads as follows:

Just a bunch of pathetic beta guys disparaging completely gorgeous girls

The Capitals made a comment confirming that the comments were real. “We are aware of Brendan Leipsic’s unacceptable and offensive comments during a private social media conversation,” a Capitals spokesperson told The Washington Post’s Samantha Pell. “We will deal with this matter internally.”

“We are aware of Brendan Leipsic’s unacceptable and offensive comments during a private conversation on social media. We will deal with this matter internally. “

– By a spokesperson for the Washington Capitals.

– Samantha Pell (@SamanthaJPell) May 6, 2020

Leipsic then posted an apology on his personal Twitter account.

“Yesterday my friend’s Instagram account was hacked and someone posted representative images of private conversations I was in,” said Leipsic. “I recognize how inappropriate and offensive these comments are and I sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions. I commit to learning from this and becoming a better person by taking the time to figure out how to move forward responsibly and meaningfully. I am really sorry. “

– brendan leipsic (@ 19LEIP) May 6, 2020

Update: The NHL has condemned comments from Leipsic and Rodewald and said “there is no room in our league for such statements.”

“The National Hockey League strongly condemns the misogynistic and reprehensible remarks of players Brendan Leipsic and Jack Rodewald in a private group discussion that surfaced on social media. There is no place in our League for such statements, attitudes and behaviors, regardless of the forum. We will discuss this inexcusable conduct with the clubs and players concerned. “

Title photo: Elizabeth Kong / RMNB


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