Scottish mom says ghostly white orb helps babysit while coronavirus is locked


A Scottish mom says she was helped with child care during the coronavirus pandemic by ghostly white orbs.

Nicola Paterson says her ten-year-old daughter Kayla was visited by light globes three times in her young life, and always after the death of someone close to her family.

The most impressive record of the beams to date, which some say signals a connection to the spirit world, occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Kayla was performing for a TikTok challenge and was left “freaked out” when a light bullet grazed her, leaving her visibly shaken, before disappearing.

Nicola Paterson with 10-year-old daughter Kayla

The frightening development came just after the death of a beloved family friend who died in March.

But it ended up being a “godsend” for the mom of three, as it has helped her sleep the boy at a decent hour since.

Nicola told the Daily Record: “It was the most amazing thing so far.

“I asked Kayla to go to bed and stay off her phone but, like anyone her age, she didn’t, she made a TikTok video instead, but ended up panicking when she saw the orb.

“So she woke up her brother, who then woke up her other brother, and that’s how we all came to watch her video at two in the morning.

“Kayla has been a little scared the last few nights, so there was no phone before bed and she fell asleep early, which is a result for me. So I am grateful for the help!

“I always really believed in these things, and it has happened to Kayla three times now, so we just wanted to know who it was.”

After some thought, Nicola realized that the orb could have been his mother and father’s best friend, who had lived with them shortly before the end of his life.

The 37-year-old added: “He was part of our family and was very close to Kayla, she took her death very badly and asked to see him.

“I just feel like it’s a strange timing, she’s upset about her and she’s going through an emotional period, lack of friends, and he is taking care of her. “

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Nicola doesn’t believe her Kirkintilloch home is haunted and says she feels “comforted” rather than scared by the strange flashes, which she also revealed always happen when Kayla sings or dances.

The nursery director said, “The first time this happened, she was two years old and dancing at the Wiggles. It was just after the death of my grandparents.

“The second time this happened, she sang Frozen, and her father’s father had died, to whom she was also very close.

“It always seems to happen when people die and it always seems to involve music and dance, she asked why it was her and I told her it was because she was always dancing.

“My whole family is musical and loves to play, so it makes sense. “

She added, “I don’t think my house is haunted, I love it and I never have a strange feeling.

“We had a little trouble with my son when he was in the room before Kayla, he had night terrors he never remembered and said he hated the room.

“But after we traded him with Kayla, he was fine.

“Kayla has never noticed the orbs before, but this one was so big and you only have to look at her face to see how freaked out she was, so the last few nights, she behaved really well. I am so grateful and would love to have more family members contact me.

“And now, I just need a 15 year old boy, settled if friendly orbs want to help with that one.” “


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