Scottish candidate who wants to become a millionaire narrowly misses first prize


1 (£ 100): Which of these products is sold by the Colgate, Oral-B and Sensodyne brands?

a) Deodorant b) Shampoo c) Toothpaste * d) Sunscreen

2 (£ 200): What tool was used as a weapon by the Norse god Thor?

a) Pliers b) Hammer * c) Screwdriver d) Saw

3 (£ 300): What is the name of the classic dessert made of sponge cake and ice cream covered with meringue?

a) Baked Rhode Island b) Baked Wyoming c) Baked Connecticut d) Baked Alaska *

4 (£ 500): Trigonometry is a branch of what subject?

a) Biology b) Economics c) Psychology d) Mathematics *

5 (£ 1K): Lily Savage was a character from which TV personality?

a) Paul O’Grady * b) Barry Humphries c) Les Dawson d) Brendan O’Carroll

6 (£ 2K): Which of these words means speech in a room where a character speaks to himself rather than other characters?

a) Interlude b) Review c) Soliloquy * d) Choir

7 (£ 4K): Which of these events is a religious event celebrated in Hinduism?

a) Diwali * b) Ramadan c) Hanukkah d) Pentecost

8 (£ 8K): British athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson became world champion in which athletics event in 2019?

a) Heptathlon * b) Marathon c) 100 meters d) 400 meters hurdles

9 (£ 16K): What iconic horror film involves a couple whose newborn is replaced at birth by the Antichrist?

a) The brilliant b) Do not look now c) The exorcist d) The omen *

10 (£ 32K): In Rossini’s opera, what is the first name of “The Barber of Seville”?

a) Tamino b) Alfredo c) Don Carlos d) Figaro *

11 (£ 64K): Which of these books would have been inspired by the real experiences of the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk?

a) Moby Dick b) Robinson Crusoe * c) Treasure Island d) The Earl of Monte Cristo

12 (£ 125K): What toxic substance is obtained from the pressed seeds of the castor oil plant?

a) Sarin b) Strychnine c) Ricine * d) Cyanide

13 (£ 250k): The twelve apostles are a series of peaks connected to which mountain?

a) Aoraki Mount Cook b) K2 c) Table Mountain * d) Mont Blanc

14 (£ 500K): Performed for the first time in 1804, Beethoven’s ‘Eroica Symphony’ was originally dedicated to which historical figure?

a) Marie Antoinette b) Napoleon Bonaparte * c) Louis XVIII of France d) Voltaire

15 (£ 1m): In the history of motorsport, which of these iconic races took place first?

a) 24 Hours of Le Mans b) Monaco Grand Prix c) Indy 500 d) Isle of Man TT *


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