Scott Pilgrim Cast Photos, Trivia revealed by the Edgar Wright Watch Party



Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there is good news to be found. Such a silver lining is Edgar WrightRecent eve of Scott Pilgrim, accompanied by color comments from the filmmaker himself and his cast. As viewers watched from the safety of their respective homes, Wright offered a unique glimpse into the production of the cult classic, shared behind-the-scenes shots of the cast and crew, and revealed anecdotes that even superfans from the comic book adaptation probably didn’t know.

This last watch took place in concert with The Academy under the hashtag #WatchWithTheAcademy. And honestly, while fans have already held their own individual Tweet threads while going through Scott Pilgrim on Blu-ray and sharing with commentary tracks, the bizarre reality of the pandemic opens up opportunities like this. Where and when else could Wright and the cast Brie Larson, Ellen Wong, Chris Evans, Brandon routh, Aubrey Plaza, and more – take time out of their normally busy schedules to reconnect with fans around a beloved movie and share information that audiences literally couldn’t find anywhere else? We hope to see a lot more content like this in the days, weeks, months and maybe years (?) To come. Stay tuned for an announcement when classics like Scott Pilgrim could just come back to the cinema in a remastered way!

Here’s a sample of all the behind-the-scenes qualities that Wright shared during the Scott Pilgrim watch the party on Twitter, but there are a multitude of quizzes and photos to enjoy. Take a look here:

Wright was joined by some Scott Pilgrim cast members by sharing snippets from the past:


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