Schools will be notified “within days” if they are to reopen on June 1


SCHOOLS could be informed in a few days if they should reopen from June 1.

The government has repeatedly stressed that it is only when the five criteria are met that the lock will begin to be relaxed.

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    Schools expected to welcome grades 1 and 6 starting June 13
Schools expected to welcome grades 1 and 6 starting June 1Credit: PA: Press Association

Authorities have asked schools to prepare for reception in the first and sixth years to return from early June, if it is still possible to do so.

They offered advice on how to make sure classrooms and playgrounds are as safe as possible – including classes up to 15 and keeping offices farther away.

Unions and government do not know if children can return to school safely from June 1, as Boris Johnson explained.

Smoking union leaders have ordered their members not to commit to the plans and have made a series of demands that must be met first.


The 10 this afternoon reported that a final green light could arrive as early as this week.

Asked when the government would be able to say whether June 1 would definitively open schools to more students, a spokesperson said, “You can see from the discussions that have taken place … That we are working to try to solve this problem. as soon as we can. “

He did not dispute claims that the final decision could come this week because next week is halfway through.

Officials said nothing would happen until June 1 and that changes could occur from that point on.

And the government will publish its scientific advice and its SAGE minutes on school safety “as soon as possible”.

Union leader Geoff Barton said today that the government will make the final decision next Thursday – when all the lock rules are in place for their three-week review.

He said: “It is also important to understand that the government will only make the final decision on whether to continue the reopening of schools when it examines the latest scientific knowledge on May 28, and that if the evidence does not support this decision this time, it will be delayed. “

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said yesterday that the government is “confident that children and teachers will be safe” when they return to the classroom.

“The clear scientific and clinical advice is that it is sure that schools will reopen, accompanied by social distancing,” he told BBC Andrew Marr.

The government’s roadmap does not give a specific date on when a decision will be made on the changes.

All it says is that “the changes will be announced at least 48 hours before they come into effect.”

He stressed that the five tests set by Boris Johnson must be met before any relaxation of the rules.

The Prime Minister said this weekend that three of these five were now met and that progress was being made on the other two.

But parents have been promised that they will not be punished if they keep their children at home.


Meanwhile, schools in some areas may return before others, a minister suggested last night.

Minister of Police Services Kit Malthouse was asked about changing lockouts differently across the country – because the rate of spread varies.

According to experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the East Midlands have the fastest spread of infection with a rate between 0.8 and 1.2.

London, which has been the hardest hit in the country, has an R rate of 0.5-0.8 – the lowest in the country.

Mr. Malthouse was asked last night on Radio Westminster Hour on Radio 4 if this “could lead to different return rates for schools in different parts of the country, could it happen?” “

And he said, “In theory, it is possible. This is certainly the reason why we created this new biosecurity center, as I think it was explained when it was announced, so that we can follow the progress of the virus across the country.

“And if a localized action is necessary, it can be taken, in the event of a localized epidemic. “


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