Sarah Parish criticized for breaking lock rules in This Morning interview


Actress Sarah Parish infuriated this morning’s viewers when she revealed that she had broken coronavirus locking rules during her live interview.

While chatting with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby via video call, Phil said, “It’s nice to see you made your bed! “

Sarah replied, “Do you know what, I’m in my neighbor’s house because the Internet is next door.

“So I came to my neighbor’s house to do Skype. “

Sarah admitted that she was using her neighbor’s house because she had a better internet connection for her maintenance

Phil looked shocked when he raised his eyebrows and said that the Internet connection was “hooked by his nails even in the guest room”, while Holly laughed awkwardly.

Sarah then talked about playing in her new Renaissance drama Medicid: The Magificent, but viewers were mostly distracted by her admission that she was breaking lock rules while being in someone else’s house.

A tweeted: “Emmmm @this morning is Sarah Parish in her neighbors’ house for the interview? Don’t follow the rules then. “

Phillip looked shocked when Sarah revealed she was not home

Another rages: “We can’t visit our families in their homes, but Sarah Parish can go around her neighbors’ house to use her Internet ?! “

“Did Sarah Parish just say #This morning that she is in her neighbors’ house because WiFi is dead in hers ??? WHILE SHE IS IN LOCKDOWN, “asked another.

But Sarah herself went to Twitter to defend herself, saying it was not part of her neighbor’s house where they actually live.

She replied to an angry tweet saying, “This is their annex. They don’t live in it. It’s a secure lock. “

Then she tweeted, “I seem to have caused an uproar on Twitter!

“I was in my neighbor’s annex interviewing This Morning, not at their house.

“They don’t live in it !! Everything is safe for locking. It’s good that you all take locking seriously. #staysafe “.

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays at 10 a.m. on ITV


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