San Francisco Mayor London Breed plans to reopen city


The mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, released a plan to gradually reopen the city on Thursday, including the dates when restaurants, hair salons and hair salons, and interior church services can resume operations.

“We actually have a guide to what San Francisco will look like as we begin to envision a normal future where we can move our city forward, go back to work and get on with our lives as we know it, although there are many of us adjustments in this process, ”said Breed during a press briefing.

Breed proposed specific dates for phase 2A (June 1), phase 2B (June 15) and phase 2C (July 13) of the reopening process, but said officials in San Francisco would not commit to additional dates before seeing if a peak in coronavirus cases occurs during the early stages of the plan.

The gradual reopening of San Francisco before the other counties in the bay region breaks with a standard: city officials have so far kept in touch with officials from Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Santa Clara County and San Mateo County since health workers from six counties gathered to announce the country’s first home stay order on March 16.

San Mateo County plans to issue a revised shelter order that will also head toward reopening, but it won’t necessarily be aligned with what San Francisco is doing, said Preston Merchant, manager of the San Mateo County information.

“We all try to go along with the governor’s orders, but we do it at a different pace, and we open up some things and not necessarily others,” he said.

In Santa Clara County, deputy executive director David Campos did not directly comment on the San Francisco reopening plan, but said that Santa Clara “will wait at least one incubation period (two weeks) to open areas additional, announcing changes to the order several days before taking effect. “

Marin County plans to release new reopening guidelines that are similar to those in San Francisco but do not project as far into the future on Friday, said public information chief Laine Hendricks.

“We are seeing confirmed case peaks here, so we are trying to move forward very cautiously,” she said.

Breed and Dr. Grant Colfax, director of public health for San Francisco, said the dense population of San Francisco and its testing ability played a role in the decision to release details for a gradual reopening on Thursday.

“We have made remarkable progress in (testing) and just looking at our rates compared to other regions, we are doing very well,” said Colfax. “I am delighted with our situation regarding our testing capacity, we will continue to expand it, but for now we are in the right place. “

San Francisco’s aggressive awareness campaign has made the county the state’s leader in coronavirus testing.

Breed admitted on Thursday that San Francisco behaves differently from other counties in the Bay Area. “Everyone has a different storyline and a different guide,” she said. “Each county has different challenges. “

When Phase 2A begins Monday, Breed said daycares, botanical gardens, open-air museums and historic sites will be allowed to reopen. Phase 2B, which begins two weeks later, is a much more important date for businesses such as indoor retail, outdoor dining, church services and ceremonies, professional sporting events (without fans) , outdoor exercise classes and non-emergency medical appointments such as visits to the dentist may resume.

This phase opens the door for the San Francisco Giants to start training at Oracle Park on June 15 if Major League Baseball sets a new start date for the 2020 regular season. This would also allow the Golden State Warriors to reopen their center at the Chase Center.

“Once we receive approval from the county health official, we plan to open our training center for voluntary training with our players,” the Warriors said in a statement. “In doing so, we will follow all health and safety protocols and procedures implemented by the NBA, city and county and our own additional COVID-19 measures.”

Phase 2C, scheduled for July 13, will take place when dining in the dining room with modifications can resume, when hairdressing salons and hairdressing salons can reopen and when real estate open houses in person can take place provided that they are by appointment.

Breed did not give a specific date to move to phase 3, which would include reopening schools with modifications, bars, other personal services like nail salons, massage parlors, gymnasiums and centers fitness, playgrounds, swimming pools and indoor museums.


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