Royal spoilers: options abound for Harry and Meghan in their new Hollywood image


For a risk-defined couple, Prince Harry and Meghan’s latest foray into the public eye is as sure as it comes. After all, who might object to the video he shot of his wife and young son that was posted on Instagram to a charity to raise funds for the relief of coronaviruses on May 6, the first baby Archie’s birthday?

But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not leave Canada for California just to make videos.

Vancouver Island, where they lived from November to mid-March, has always been a stop hole, experts say.

“I think the intention was really that Harry and Meghan are headed to California,” said Nick Bullen, editor of True Royalty, a television channel dedicated to everything royal.

“I don’t think either of them really got a new life from Vancouver Island. “

During the coronavirus shutdown, the couple kept a fairly low profile, sometimes delivering food to local residents in need.

Prince Harry and Meghan meet American singer-songwriter Beyoncé and her husband, American rapper Jay-Z, at the European premiere of the movie The Lion King in London on July 14, 2019. (Niklas Halle’n / AFP via Getty Images)

But Hollywood insiders say Meghan, who grew up in California, is just waiting for her chance to shine again in Tinseltown.

“When you have someone who has starry eyes when it comes to Hollywood and the huge opportunities that exist – the people, the relationships they have – it just makes sense that they come to Los Angeles,” said Eric Schiffer, who advises a list of Hollywood stars as president of Reputation Management Consultants based in Irvine, California.

“My sources tell me that they are absolutely bought for projects and that they absolutely have price tags associated with these projects. “

Meghan’s first project, telling a Disney documentary titled The elephant, was released a few days after the couple’s official withdrawal from the royal family and the proceeds will go to Elephants Without Borders.

Potential controversy

But the next chapter, announced this week, promises to be more controversial: a book on the couple that could only have been written with their say. Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Creation of a Modern Royal Family by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand will go on sale on August 11, said publisher Harper Collins.

Howard Bragman, CEO of Los Angeles public relations firm LaBrea Media, says this is a smart way to get started on your own terms.

Howard Bragman, CEO of LaBrea Media, believes that the book on royalty that will be released in August is a “preventative” decision and a smart PR. (Howard Bragman)

“Someone was going to write a book about them anyway, so what they probably do is a preemptive book. They tell their story before someone else tells their story, “said Bragman. “The first thing you want to do in public relations is to define yourself, especially before someone else defines you. “

The couple’s future, said Bullen, is shaped by Meghan’s inner circle of his days as an actor in the television show. Suit.

“She works closely with the Gersh agency, which was her former agents, as well as with public relations firm Sunshine Saks,” said Bullen. “I think a lot of plans are being made through them. “

Meghan playing a superhero?

There have been rumors of Meghan wanting to play a superhero in a Marvel movie. Schiffer says why not?

“I think you might see her in a superhero movie,” said Schiffer. “There will be many character colors in which I imagine she will come into play in the next 24 months. “

Bullen, however, believes the couple will not accept any projects or approvals that are considered to be in bad taste. He said the royal family had learned from the disappearance of Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew, and had started advertising for companies like Weight Watchers and Avon.

WATCH | Royalty and PR experts offer options for Harry and Meghan in their new lives:

Royalty, PR and branding experts come from California during the couple’s Hollywood move. 2:34

“This is not what the British royal family wants to see happen again,” said Bullen. He believes that for Meghan and Harry, “the crown comes first”.

“And to be frank, at the moment it is not acceptable that the Duchess of Sussex, whether or not using Her Royal Highness, plays superheroes and acts,” said Bullen. “Play elephant movies for Disney, maybe, but sitcoms and Follow the Sussexes à la Kardashians is not going to happen right away. “

“Even more interesting”

But Jeetendr Sehdev, the author of Los Angeles Kim Kardashian’s principle: why to sell shamelessly and how to do it correctly, stresses that anything is possible for a couple who present themselves as a royal disruptor.

“I think the brands that are taking risks today and showing people different ways of living, being and behaving are brands that can really stand out,” said Sehdev.

“They don’t project that kind of traditional, artificial and highly controlled image that we are used to seeing from other members of the royal family, which makes them even more interesting … I think these kinds of disruptive values ​​resonate a lot with a younger audience. “

But for a royal institution based on tradition, there is a fine line between disruption and destruction.

Celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev says Meghan and Harry are launching a “disruptive” brand. (Skiss Photo Agency)

“I think it is this perception that they are going to work for hire, and royalty should never be a job for hire in the minds of the British public and many members of the family itself,” a said Schiffer.

“I think they are entering a path that could be a bloodbath for the reputation of the royal family and for the first time really putting it on sale, selling the monarchy and cutting it up as if it were a timeshare. “

Bullen, however, said that Harry would never allow this to happen.

“Harry was very clear when he left the royal family, when he left his royal duties in the UK, he wanted to continue supporting his military and charitable roles. “

“Less used to lifestyle”

Harry’s role may be less defined at first than Meghan’s because he lives and works in unknown territory.

“Harry will obviously feel less used to this lifestyle than Meghan since Meghan was born and raised in California, and obviously Harry comes from a more traditional background. So it will be interesting to see how the brand of Harry as an independent person evolves. “

Schiffer predicted that Harry could act as a moderating influence.

Harry and Meghan pose for a photo upon arrival for the European premiere of the movie The Lion King in London on July 14, 2019. (Tolga Akmen / AFP via Getty Images)

“I think where Harry gets involved it might be a little more cautious and there will likely be some sort of social element associated with it. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any financial benefits to it. “

Whatever movements are planned for the couple, they are probably on hold. Due to the coronavirus, film and television production has largely ceased. And, according to Bragman, a risk-averse Hollywood can bet on experienced veterans rather than two untested products, regardless of their pedigree.

“Beginners – and Harry and Megan are definitely beginners – are not going to get the first dibs at the right jobs,” said Bragman. “So they’re going to have to move to the back of the line for a while. And it could be a year or even longer. “

Nick Bullen, editor of True Royalty, said that a show like Keeping up with the Sussexes “will not happen yet. “(True Royalty TV)

Bullen said the royal couple may have to do something they were not used to doing: waiting.

“If you live next to J.Lo or Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt or Clint Eastwood, you might be famous, but you’re probably not as famous as your neighbor. “


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