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The royal councilors were nervous last week when Prince Charles and his wife Camilla led the country in a two-minute silence to commemorate Victory Day. Prior to the event, there had been a media blackout on “who, where and how” the two-minute silence would take place. Royal assistants were concerned that the disclosure of those involved in the Victory Day event and their location would lead to a gathering of royal fans, as it was taking place on public property.

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While Prince Charles had a battle with the coronavirus, his wife the Duchess of Cornwall did not do so.

Speaking to ITV’s Royal Rota, expert Lizzie Robinson said: “The Balmoral war memorial, where they were at the ceremony, is located just outside the estate.

“So it’s on public land, the public can access it.

“They were very careful not to reveal where Charles and Camilla would lead the silence. “

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It was also feared that royal fans would spread the infection among themselves.

ITV Editor-in-Chief Chris Ship added: “All week we just heard that a royal member of the royal family led the two-minute silence.

“They wouldn’t say who, where or how. And all because they didn’t want people to come together to watch them. “

Robinson replied, “Even when we found out it was Charles and Camilla from Scotland, they were very careful not to publicize the place, because they really didn’t want to risk a public gathering because it was the worst thing to do yet. ”

Earlier this week, Charles and Camilla paid tribute and showed their support for postal workers busy crossing the pandemic.

Sharing a video on social media, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall said, “The incredible value of what you do has never been more important.

“Today, like many people – including us – are forced to stay at home, Royal Mail plays an absolutely vital role in keeping family and friends in touch with each other.

“For this, we can only tell you how deeply we are grateful and send you our best wishes. “


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