Robert Pattinson describes pasta business idea at GQ


Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson
Photo: Getty Images

In world history, humans have prepared their fair share of truly repellant foods. Just a few decades ago, our method of cooking Brussels sprouts boiled them, a crime against vegetables; to this day, the pizza crust stuffed with hot dogs still exists. But in GQ’S June On the cover, Robert Pattinson attempted to create a dish of pasta so impious that God himself had to intervene to prevent its conception.

In the profile, Pattinson says he asked himself the question last year: “How do you make pasta that you can hold in your hand? ” He, for reasons that are not clear to me, then decided that it was his duty to devise a “commercial” idea for pasta, which he was actively trying to sell, and even gave his product a name: “Piccolini Cuscino”, which translates to “Small pillow. “


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