Riverside and Ventura open restaurants for food service, store purchases


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The San Gabriel Valley is full of excellent restaurants, and throughout the pandemic they faced the same problems as other restaurants and businesses.

Fiona Ng, the chief producer of KPCC AirTalk, lives in SGV and worked with LAist Food Editor Elina Shatkin to produce a short series on how these restaurants do. In her report, Fiona spoke with the owner of a hot pot restaurant who literally gave pots to each order, a boba shop attempt a grand reopening, and more.

” [Fiona] didn’t go looking for these stories, ”Elina writes in the series summary. “She discovered most of it while on the move, living her daily life … She speaks Cantonese fluently and speaks Mandarin well enough to get by. And since she doesn’t cook, she eats … a lot. This kind of unique perspective and start-up experience in the field is rare and cannot be taught. “

Fortunately, Fiona shared this perspective with us. Read on to find out more about what’s going on in Los Angeles todayand stay safe there.

Jessica P. Ogilvie

The last 24 hours in LA

L.A., California, Le Monde: There are now 43,052 coronavirus cases and 2,049 deaths in L.A. County, and at least 89,865 cases and 3,649 deaths in California. In the world there are more than 5.2 million cases and more than 337,000 deaths. The number of hospitalizations and intensive care in California is improving, hospitalizations down 7.5% in the past two weeks.

Money matters: Hawaiian Gardens is The smallest town in L.A. County, and he was hit hard by the closure of the card room casino. Unemployment in L.A. County increased to an astounding 20.3% in April. The recently ousted head of Rowing Pictures, William Sadleir, was stopped this morning on federal fraud charges alleging that he had applied for $ 1.7 million in loans under the paycheck protection program

The 2020 census: Malibu and Bel Air show unusually low census response rate, and no one really knows why – but there are a few theories. The time frame for the Census Bureau to provide data is likely to be delayed, which could have important implications for redistribution in California.

Reopening L.A .: Guidelines for reopening of churches will come soon. City officials of L.A. launched a program to open the streets of the neighborhood so that Angelenos remains active while keeping a safe distance from others.

L.A.’s Unhoused: A court orderhumane move“Homeless people away from highways have been refined to say that homeless people who live within 500 feet of a highway bridge or ramp must be relocated by September 1.

Parenthood: In today’s conversation about parenting in quarantine, we’re talking about screen time. Before the pandemic, the question of how much time we let our children spend on devices was already causing parents’ anxiety. But now that schooling and socialization are done via screens, this problem is even more a minefield.

Immigration: Rights groups have filed a civil rights complaint with the Department of Homeland Security, alleging that immigrant detainees were exposed to chemicals at the Adelanto ICE treatment center. Several detainees said that the disinfectants used in the facility caused eye irritation and that some people spit blood.

Arts, gastronomy and entertainment: Inspired by Vivian Maier, a homeless photographer begins to be recognized for his work. AirTalk’s Larry Mantle joins KPCC critics for review movies you can see at home. This week is Lovebirds, The trip to Greece, The painter and the thief and more. here’s how San Gabriel Valley restaurants face the pandemic.

First person: Journalist Erick Galindo written on the experience of write an obituary for an immigrant father who fell to COVID-19, and consoling his grieving family.

Your moment of Zen

Journalist in early childhood education Mariana dale came across this scene in Pasadena.

(Mariana Dale / LAist)

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