RITM among the beneficiaries of a 2 million euro grant from France to fight COVID-19


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 1) – France has selected the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) of the city of Muntinlupa as one of the seven laboratories in Southeast Asia (SEA) which will receive 2 million euros in grants to support his efforts to beat COVID-19, the French Embassy in Manila announced.

RITM is the country’s main coronavirus testing center.

The other beneficiaries of the grants are the COVID-19 reference laboratories in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

In a statement, the French Embassy in Manila said that beneficiaries could use the aid to increase their medical equipment, acquire more personal protective equipment, buy diagnostic kits, support human resources, train staff. medical and implement mass testing and strengthen the surveillance system.

He added that the French government is partnering with these SEA countries for its Ecomore II project, which aims to “broaden the understanding of the specific changes causing the emergence of infectious diseases”.

“Due to significant disparities in health systems at the national and regional levels, Southeast Asia faces higher risks in the COVID-19 pandemic,” the embassy said.

“Face [with] To this challenge, it is essential to strengthen the health infrastructures of the countries of this region, “he added.

There are currently 18 laboratories across the country that have been accredited by the Ministry of Health to perform COVID-19 tests.

The country had the third highest number of coronavirus cases in the SEA region on Friday, according to Johns Hopkins University. As of April 30, DOH reported that there were 8,488 confirmed cases in the country, with 1,043 recoveries and 568 deaths.


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