Riot Unveils New Reworked Volibear Capabilities


Riot Games officially unveiled today the new reworked capabilities of Volibear, as well as the beloved League of Legends the champion has been changed to play differently than before.

The liabilities of Volibear, named The Relentless Storm, have been completely revised. Instead of healing 30% of your maximum health in six seconds of poor health, the champion’s attacks and abilities give attack speed. This causes its basic attacks to deal additional magic damage to nearby enemies.

Its Q is called Thundering Smash. Volibear always plants all four feet on the ground and gains speed towards the enemies. But now, in perhaps the most controversial of all the changes in the redesign, Volibear no longer turns the target on itself. Instead, it bites the enemy, stuns and damages them. Despite the loss of the iconic flip animation, having a real stun instead of just moving should be a little buff for the champion.

Volibear’s W has been greatly simplified. It damages an enemy and applies hit hits and scores them. If Volibear casts this spell on the same target a second time, it deals additional damage and heals Volibear. The champion no longer needs to build three piles of frenzy to activate his W, and, according to some longtime Volibear networks, the bite is much more reliable and less clumsy.

Volibear’s E is named Sky Splitter. This ability summons lightning at a location, inflicting damage and slowing enemies while granting Volibear a shield if it is within range of the explosion. This will greatly improve the survival of the champion. There is also a great synergy between this ability and its ultimate, because the amount of shield of Sky Splitter depends on its health, and the ultimate ability of the champion gives it a large amount of health bonus.

Volibear’s new ultimate ability, Stormbringer, allows it to jump to a target’s location, slowing and damaging enemies beneath it while gaining additional life. Enemy towers near his landing spot also become temporarily disabled, which means that Volibear could potentially become a terrifying lane ganker. Likewise, Volibear is mechanically “unstoppable” during its R and cannot be interrupted. It also doesn’t have launch time and can be launched while on the move, according to champion designer Lutzberg. His former ultimate, Chain Lightning Area of ​​Effect, has been changed and is now part of his liabilities.

If you want to take a closer look at all of Volibear’s new capabilities, check out the entire livestream here. The redesign will hit League servers live on May 28.


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