Results AEW Double Or Nothing: Brian Cage (with Taz) wins the Ladder Casino game


The Casino Ladder Match has kicked off this year’s AEW double-nothing. The match brought together Darby Allin, Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy, Joey Janela, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Frankie Kazarian, Luchasaurus and a mysterious participant.

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian fought for the first 2 minutes of the match. Kip Sabian got into the game and he took advantage of the No DQ rule but having Jimmy Havoc help him beat Kaz and Sky. There was a scary place where Havoc attempted something from the top and he missed and fell and hit his back on a ladder. Darby Allin was the next participant and has eliminated everyone since he was new to the game. Allin made a crazy place where he jumped up the ladder with his skateboard under him. The goal was to go through Kazarian across a table but Kaz walked away and Allin crashed across the ladder.

Orange Cassidy was the next person in the match. Cassidy went to the advertisers to ask them how to win this match. Colt Cabana was the next person in the match as Cassidy tried to find a way to climb a ladder in the ring. Joey Janela was the seventh participant and he pulled everyone out before trying to climb the ladder to grab the chip. Janela was taken by a chair taken from Scorpio Sky. Luchasaurus was the eighth participant. He pulled everyone out and threw Sabian on a pile at the edge of the ring. Luchasaurus also smothered Kazarian on a ladder bridge in the corner of the ring. Allin was back and he struck a Code Red in the middle rope on Luchasaurus but Allin was still in favor of his knee.

The ninth participant was Brian Cage. He was accompanied by Taz and the announcers wondered if Taz was his coach or manager. Cage destroyed everyone in the match and climbed through the ranks with Cassidy on his back while the other wrestlers returned to the ring. Everyone had to remove Cage from the ladder. Cage was eventually removed from the action with a ladder and a steel pole in the face, and was buried by chairs and shavings which were used as props.

Cassidy was about to grab the chip hanging over the ladder, but Havoc intervened. Best friends ran to help Cassidy. Marko Stunt appeared in the match to help Luchasaurus. Janela then hit a Death Valley pilot on Cassidy on the chip at the edge of the ring that had Cage underneath. Sky and Taz fought at the top of the ladder but were pushed back by Luchasaurus. Cage was able to turn off the objects that were on him and he returned to the match and he went back and forth with Luchasaurus in an excellent offensive exchange. Cage finally took over by bombing Luchasaurus in a ladder in the corner of the ring. Taz appeared again to shout instructions to Cage about his assault on Allin. Cage took a ladder with Allin on it, then threw it with Darby on the floor near the ring.

Cage climbed up the ladder to grab the chip. He will get a future title shot.

Registration order:
Frankie Kazarian
Scorpio Sky
Kip Sabian
Darby Allin
Cassidy orange
Colt cabana
Joey Janela

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