Reports: Adam Silver Says NBA Players’ Decision To Resume Season May Go In June


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a conference call with NBPA executive director Michele Roberts and the players in the league on Friday, which discussed the notion that the NBA could enter in June before to decide whether to resume the suspension of 2019. 20 season, according to several reports.

Should the season resume in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Silver, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium, has confirmed reports that the league plans to play at Disney World Resort in Orlando or Las Vegas. Silver is also said to have resumed the season without fans.

Regarding the COVID-19 tests, Silver would have declared that the NBA would hope for daily tests and if a player was positive for the virus, there would be no stoppage of play because the player in question would be obliged to take a quarantine period.

The NBA is planning a year-long schedule for a coronavirus vaccine. Silver said the league will face the coronavirus problem collectively for the foreseeable future – and “no decision will be without risk.”

Silver added, “Until there is a vaccine or a magic cocktail that keeps people from dying from this virus, we will deal with it, collectively.”

If the season has resumed, Silver has suggested a minimum of a three-week training camp, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

With the NBA teams allowed to open their training facilities, one thing they will not be able to do is send private jets to pick up players worried about commercial air travel. Silver cited the attempt to manage the competitive advantage among the teams as one of his reasons, but mentioned that if the season were to resume and the players wanted a safer way to get back into their market, he would reconsider.

Wojnarowski added that Silver told players that he still hoped the playoffs would include a seven-game play streak each round and that those playoffs could move faster without the need for travel.

The belief is that the 30 owners want to play again this season, according to Wojnarowski. Silver described the owners as “competitors.”


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