Report: NHL players in Ottawa to start skating on local private rink soon


NHL players in Ottawa would be able to get back on the ice as early as Thursday, as a local private facility in the city has received government approval to reopen this week, according to the Ottawa SunIs Ken Warren.

Per Warren, the Minto Arena in Ottawa has received a word from the Government of Ontario that the facility can reopen provided that no more than five people are on the ice at all times and that several other measures related to the restriction contacts are respected.

Minto Arena General Manager Scott Lawryk said Sun that the rink has been securely booked since word got out of their reopening plans, with professional and junior players residing in the region among those who have reached out.

“He has been quite busy from our perspective and we have had a lot of inquiries in the past 24 to 48 hours,” Lawryk told Warren. “Many skating schools check it, as do professional players and professional miners.”

Lawryk said any activity on the ice must follow physical distance rules, which means that reopening will not necessarily give players the opportunity to play hockey.

“Many people use him as a coach and four players. You’re not going to have conventional hockey. You’re not going to have situations, for example, where you could have puck battles, “he told Warren. “We have three ice surfaces and we only use one – the international ice surface – so it’s easier to keep your distance. Five people on the ice shouldn’t be a problem. “

Warren also described the measures that Lawryk says his establishment is putting in place to maintain a social distance off the ice, which was developed in consultation with the province:

“Skaters are asked to show up at Minto arena ready to go, carrying everything they will need on the ice, except skates. Once inside the rink, an area – allowing a good physical distance – will be reserved for a maximum of five people to tie the skates. Once these skaters are on the ice, the room will be completely disinfected, preparing the next group. Skaters will leave the ice in a separate exit room. “

It was also noted that no spectator will be admitted to the rink at any time.

The 2019-2020 NHL campaign has been suspended since March 12 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No official word has yet been given to the 31 teams in the league regarding when they can resume training at the team’s facilities.


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