Report: Cleedand Browns confident that the first round Jedrick Wills can play immediately to the left


Cleveland Browns selected offensive lineman Jedrick Wills 10th overall in NFL draft last month and are confident he will be able to start tackle left as a rookie, said dealership dealer Mary Kay Cabot from Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

“First of all, the Browns are very confident that Wills will be ready to start left tackle in September and he is already working hard to make the change. “

Wills has played three seasons in Alabama, slipped into the right tackle position in his second season and has never looked back.

In 2018, he started 15 games and in 2019, he went to the next level, being named the second All-American Associated Press team and the first All-SEC team while starting the 13 games of the year at his right tackle location .

The 20-year-old was considered by many to be the best tackle selected in the 2020 draft. However, the New York Giants took Andrew Thomas fourth overall, with a string of quarters and defensive players taken after, Wills fell to the Browns at # 10.

The Brown O-line experienced difficulties in 2019, Baker Mayfield was the seventh most licensed quarterback of the season with 40.

In 2018 Cleveland gave up 38 bags between Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor.


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