Remarkable photos tell the story of 100 days of coronavirus in Merseyside


Since the British evacuees arrived in Wirral on January 31, life has changed beyond recognition

In 100 days, the coronavirus completely transformed life in Merseyside.

Schools, offices, restaurants, gymnasiums, stadiums, pubs and cinemas are all empty – and thousands of business owners and workers are worried about the future.

In the first weeks of 2020, unusual cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, China barely created a ripple in the UK as the media focused on the newly elected Boris Johnson and his cabinet reshuffles.

Liverpool FC were rushing to their first champion title in 30 years, Labor began their investigation after the disastrous defeat in December and Brexit still dominated the political agenda.

But the gathering storm causing chaos in Asia was getting closer and closer with each passing day of the New Year, soon to reshape all aspects of our lives and make everything else irrelevant.

On January 31, news of a plan to save the British from locked-in Wuhan and quarantine them for 14 days at Arrowe Park Hospital – which is said to house more than 100 people evacuated from virus hotspots – was announced January 31.

Assurances were given that the risk to the public was low, that precautions had been taken and that the operation had been successful.

But in the end, none of that mattered.

Since the coaches arrived in Wirral with camera flashes, the coronavirus has ravaged the British population.

Although many elements of normal life continue, aspects of the past seven weeks seem more comfortable in the pages of a dystopian novel.

But, Merseyside reacted with resilience and courage, ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to the national effort.

These 100 remarkable photographs illustrate our journey from normal life to the extraordinary situations we face today.


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