Reimbursement of Covid-19 car insurance in France: What to write


UFC-What to Choose said drivers who used their cars or motorcycles much less than normal during childbirth are entitled to a reduction in their car insurance payments. He calculated that nationally, insurers owed the French public 2.2 billion euros – the equivalent of 50 euros per car and 29 euros per motorcycle.

The group said that the containment conditions led to far fewer drivers on the roads and calculated that the road accidents causing serious injury had dropped 91% in the first six weeks of containment, compared to the same period last year.

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Lower payments

A decrease in the amount of your insurance is linked to a decrease in risk due to a reduction in driving time, which you can prove if you have noticed a reduction in your mileage since the start of childbirth, compared to a month normal.

UFC-What to Choose said: “The insured has the right …


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