Recap of the parks and recreation meeting: where are they now?


When Parks and recreation aired its last season in 2015, we had a reassuring glimpse into the characters’ future: Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt got a job in DC, Donna moved to Seattle with Joe, and in the 2040s, Jerry Garry Gergich had served ten terms as the beloved mayor of Pawnee. At the time, showrunner Mike Schur and star Amy Poehler appeared to have closed the book on Parks and recreation, even agree against a meeting. But tonight, NBC was broadcast Special parks and leisure, which brought together writers and actors (minus poor Mark Brendanawicz) via the Gryzzl cloud to show fans how their generous optimism is helping them manage the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what the characters from the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department do in 2020:

Leslie Knope has spent her whole life convincing others that she is herself an essential service, and therefore his calendar of coronaviruses at the Interior Ministry was full of creating and chairing intervention committees. She “operates only two hours of sleep instead of my usual four hours, but she still finds time to organize the daily phone tree with her former park service buddies. Speaking of parks, it has closed all national parks under its jurisdiction for the foreseeable future.


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