Reasons for 100 km and trips to France after May 11


People will be able to travel within 100 km of their home without an attestation form when the deconfinement begins on May 11.

It is still unclear how travel further afield will be controlled.

Government spokesman Sibeth Ndiaye, speaking on RTL radio on April 29, said ministers are still debating several points: whether a containment form will be required, whether there will be fines for traveling without valid reason recognized and if you will be able to travel between the departments labeled in red because of high levels of virus and those labeled in green because they have a low level.

On the question of whether forms will be needed, she said, “It might be a good idea to help the police, but that is still under discussion.”

Ms. Ndiaye said that the only reasons to travel beyond 100 km will be for urgent business or family reasons: “Imagine that you have to travel more than 100 km to get to work, which is unfortunately the situation for some people. . Or you are a truck driver who has to travel from region to region to transport goods. An urgent family reason will, for example, help a vulnerable person, such as an elderly parent. The idea is that if you have a disabled or elderly person in your family who is in a fragile situation, you can go and help them. “

She was also asked about the families’ return to their main residence after being locked in their second residence and said it would depend on the situation.

A family could go home if they wanted their children to go back to school. If they can continue to work remotely, they are encouraged to stay where they are.

She said return “is not prohibited, but we want to encourage people to stay where they are because we want to avoid mixing people from different regions.”

The national police service has put a question and answer service online for the public. By using it, Report asked what would be the definition of urgent family or work reasons and whether a form of fine would be put in place. The answer was, “At this time, there are no details regarding travel more than 100 km from home and travel in the red and green areas. We are awaiting the law which will determine the movement and restriction factors. “

Philippe Capon, general secretary of the Unsa-Police union, told the French public service media FranceInfo that what is and what is not an urgent business or family matter has already been complicated to manage and that the police must have some flexibility: “There is an element of common sense that the police will have to apply. Some people are already traveling across France for shared childcare.

“But if someone says he’s going to a funeral and his car is full of luggage that looks like he’s going on vacation, that’s another matter. “

It may be difficult to give clear answers for each situation, but the main purpose of the restriction is to prevent a massive movement of people traveling across the country, at least for the first phase of deconfinement.


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