Ranking of each song in Drake’s Surprise Demonstration Tapes: The Critic’s Choice


The 6th God returned. Just hours after OVO Sound was announced, Drake quickly filed his Dark Lane Demonstration Cassettes at midnight Friday, May 1, which delighted his quarantined fan base. Rumors began to circulate on social networks Thursday afternoon concerning a quarantine pack, while The Boy appeared later.

DLDT has 14 titles in total. The collection of somewhat familiar titles finds the Toronto native in contact with a range of artists, including his long collaboration “Pain 1993” with Playboi Carti, entering his drill bag alongside Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek, his WATTBA Future crime partner Young Thug and gives stamp of approval to newcomer to the Giveon industry.

The project marks Drake’s first official release since serving the best of 2019 that has never been Care package, because this tape really means temperature control before his long-awaited sixth studio album, due out this summer.

“My brothers @oliverelkhatib @ovonoel have collected a lot of songs that people are asking for (some leaks and some SoundCloud joints and new vibrations),” wrote Drake. ” DARK LANE DEMO TAPES everywhere at midnight… also my 6th STUDIO ALBUM DROPPING SUMMER 2020 !!! Lucky number 6. “

After sifting through Dark Lane Demonstration Cassettes, take a look at our song rankings below and see if you agree.

14. “Deep pockets”

All aboard the Drake express. Aubrey puts the locomotive into action, because the piston sounds give the track a rough texture while welcoming listeners to its world. “Deep Pockets” is not quite “Tuscan Leather” on the introductory scale, but the Scorpio disposable is enough to clean the palate for the following.

13. “Pain 1993” Feat. Playboi Carti

Probably the most anticipated track of all to make the Dark Lane Demonstration Cassettes cut, but also, the most disappointing. Unfortunately, that had nothing to do with God 6 either, as he played his part in front of a T-shirt. Handing over the baton to Playboi Carti and his baby voice ad-libbing almost derails Pi’erre Bourne’s production into oblivion.

12. “Not You Too” Feat. Chris Brown

After setting fire to the summer with their “No Guidance” meeting, Breezy’s followers will be disappointed to discover that it is only dotted with the record of fate to amplify the sadness. Drake is grappling with themes of betrayal and trust, as he realizes that things will never be the same between him and another ex-flame. It is time to reluctantly move on to the 6th God. What a tease when it comes to the Brown function.

11. “Chicago Freestyle”

Can we add it to the famous Drake “AM / PM” series? If this is the case, it does not correspond to the weight of the localization predecessors of the series. Drizzy launches an R&B neophyte Giveon an alley-oop, as he continues to open up about his toxic romantic ways and some love interest. The freestyle produced by Sevn Thomas takes a strange turn when the 33-year-old interpolates the Eminem stream of the 2002 “Superman” on the pre-chorus.

10. “Toosie Slide”

Drake almost broke TikTok with his enthusiasm for the dance “Toosie Slide”, which made almost everyone and their mom move. The dancing tune helped Drake make history because it became the first male act to debut with three finishes at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Less than a month later, it feels like the time for the formula track has come and gone with the wind, as some cultural critics such as radio host Charlamagne Tha God felt that the song reinforcement tactics were “below” Drake’s artistic level .

9. “Desires” Feat. To come up

“Desires” served as an informal follow-up to the “Life Is Good” ad, as the song never hit streaming services until Friday and only lived on OVO SoundCloud. the WATTBA chemistry never fails, but two things really stand out. The change in outro is brilliant, as Drake takes audio from his IG Live the night he entered the vault last month.

Second, Drake’s pen is still sharp like a razor. After teasing a certain Instagram model on every vacation she takes, he exposes his Atlanta background with a clever play on words. “You come from a city where there are lean with the rocks,” he rhymes.

8. “War”

The Toronto native temporarily became Santa Claus on Christmas Day 2019 when he used his stream in the UK on a cold beat from the must-see drill genre producer, AXL Beats. Drake darkly recounts his entry into the music game and even touches to quash a quarrel with his Canadian compatriot The Weeknd. Drake’s next song is always welcome, but it seems to be a more lyrical exercise than pushing your artistic limits.

7. “Time flies”

Drake floats on woozy OZ production. Sometimes it makes things too easy. It’s as if “Time Flies” evolves from a text message, then expands in its notes section, and finally ends up with lyrics fixed in the stand. Drizzy admitted that it was the backup plan or “alternative” to his “Life Is Good” collaboration with Future. Any direction it takes is sure to do damage to the maps.

6. “D4L Freestyle” Feat. Future and young thug

A tribute to the ex-rap collective ATL, but the production of Southside could have recorded a Peak hour Fight scene. The fun triumvirate of Drake, Thug and Future take turns dominating the opposition with ease as if they were members of the Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics. Drizzy compares himself to Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen on the track, but he’s certainly more Michael Jordan than Pip at this point in his career.

5. “Losses”

Built around a quarantined IG Live session between Drake and his father, God 6 writes with his Cartier pen until he runs out of ink. Drake said it himself, “I don’t want to do a song, these are cold facts. Greatness happens when you least expect it, and Drizzy apparently offers a type of MVP effort that allows the chopper to sing with extended verses that are among the strongest in the whole project.

4. “Landed”

Cartier pens sold in three, two, one … There are not many things more precious than the social currency that comes with a cry from Drake. Like playing ball in an Air Jordan pair, could rappers follow Drizzy’s example and keep their luxury pen set in focus? A boastful, carefree Drake is always fun to hear, as he prepares a slight flex about boarding his private Air Drake plane, but can you really blame him?

3. “From Florida with love”

Drake meets the Plugg. Drizzy’s first collaboration on a Mexican rhythm is not to be missed, because the stifled production brings a leading narrative to Drake. He thinks about the seminal moment of meeting Kobe Bryant for the first time in Miami, but not being able to talk about it to Kobe with him has pierced his heart. “Rest in peace for Static, shouting” Shawty wants a thug “, ayy Bottles in the club, ayy, know that I like to touch / Weezy played that shit for me and Kobe on the bus,” recalls Drake.

2. “Demons” Feat. Fivio Foreign & Sosa Geek

Drake enters the world of Brooklyn Drill to see if he can hang on with some New Yorkers in their element. As usual, Drizzy’s star shines on the ominous melody, flying over heavenly production with his British accent. The 6 God shouts two of BK’s best in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, then co-signs Fivio using his slang. “Viral, film. I’m in this shit with the wooski, “he rapped.

1. “When to say when

Drizzy greets Jay-Z rhyming on his The master plan classic “Song Cry”. He then overflows his heart all over the candid track, which makes him travel through NYC for the visual, while he even makes a stop at Hov’s Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. “Ayy, thirty-three years old, I gave that to the match / Thirty-three thousand, I will keep it for the rain / Five hundred weeks, I fill the charts with my pain,” he recalls. An emotionally reflective Drake strips him of his superpowers and seems to make him closest to his audience.


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