Rams unveil new uniforms that include a blue metallic chrome helmet


The Los Angeles Rams finally unveiled renamed uniforms on Wednesday that will debut this season.

The new look includes a blue jersey with yellow gradient numbering, with interchangeable blue or yellow pants. There is also a jersey and off-white pants jumpsuit. The new Rams helmet is a chrome metallic blue, with a degraded yellow horn and a blue mask.

“I’ve already told my friends that these are the coolest jerseys I have ever worn, that I have never worn,” said Rams catcher Robert Woods, who donned the iconic uniform for USC at the university. “It’s like we’re part of something new and exciting. … We are setting the trend, really. “

Los Angeles Rams

The new uniforms arrive as the Rams prepare to open the 2020 season against the Dallas Cowboys at the all-new SoFi Stadium, a $ 5 billion project funded by Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

“Our goal has always been, it will be a modern, iconic and amazing building, you want the uniforms to match the style and design of the building,” said Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff. “But we still have the tradition and certain elements that our fans have come to know and love. I think it’s a balancing act for any team to go through as you go. “

The Rams’ brand change effort began in 2016 when the team moved from Saint Louis to L.A. Their plan was still to launch a new look that coincided with the opening of the SoFi stadium.

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In March, the Rams unveiled updated colors and logos as they shifted from navy blue, light gold and white, which was a color palette they adopted in 2000 in Saint -Louis.

The Rams have dubbed their new hues “Rams Royal”, “Sol” and “Bone”, which refers to the combination of an off-white uniform.

“I really like the color combinations and I think our outdoor uniforms are going to be among the best in the league,” said left forward Rams. Said Andrew Whitworth. “I really think the bone color is going to be amazing, so I’m excited about it. “

The updated logos include a modern looking ram head and an L.A. letter mark which includes a horn.

Los Angeles Rams

Rams fans, as well as Hall of Fame ball carrier Eric Dickerson, have expressed dissatisfaction with recent changes, including the new team logos.

Demoff acknowledged when the team released the new color scheme and new logos that it might take a while for fans to adjust to the modern look, but said he was confident they would eventually accept the change .

Almost two months later, Demoff said he believed there had been an improvement in the tone of the fans, but he was anxious to see the new uniform and brand new in action.

“The easiest changes to make are to go back, the hardest changes to make are to go ahead,” said Demoff. “We thought it was the right approach for the stadium, but I think we will have a much better idea of ​​the brand’s global launch once we play, with fans in the stadium and people will see the brand, uniforms, logos in action. “

The launch of the new Rams branding included events at the SoFi stadium and players wearing the equipment throughout the off-season program, but these plans were abandoned due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Rams have not designated a jersey at home or away, said Demoff, and are launching their new brand with only two jerseys to maintain flexibility in the future.

“We thought that with the new stadium, with two new jerseys, it would be a lot to reveal in 2020, and we didn’t need to see all of our potential looks come out this year,” he said. “We have every opportunity to expand our uniform concepts as we progress in 2021 and 2022.”


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