Rachel Riley denounces ‘irresponsible’ Eamonn Holmes for “conspiracy” against coronaviruses


Rachel Riley criticized Eamonn Holmes for his “conspiracy” comments on coronaviruses and 5G technology during an episode of This Morning.

The 34-year-old Countdown regular revealed that she had previously had beef with Eamonn about her alliance with David Icke and her “fake news.”

Eamonn has been called “irresponsible” for comments by Ofcom, the broadcast watchdog, and labeled “ambiguous.”

In an episode in April, he questioned the media who rejected the conspiracy theory that 5G causes the coronavirus.

Holmes then tried to clarify his remarks, saying that he had been “misinterpreted”.

Eamonn Holmes has been called irresponsible for his 5G theory

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Speaking to the Radio Times, Rachel said that she had previously “quarreled” with Holmes when he invited conspiracy theorist David Icke on his radio show and said that she did not expect see “ridiculous theories” repeated this morning.

She told the magazine, “And I have also worked on anti-disinformation campaigns for Stop Funding Fake News.

“There are a lot of people out there trying to make money by spreading lies about the coronavirus, whether it’s quack remedies or stupid 5G conspiracy theories.

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“It’s dangerous, especially when these things repeat themselves on shows you are supposed to trust.

“I once argued with Eamonn Holmes when he had David Icke on his radio show, but you don’t expect ridiculous 5G theories to be repeated this morning. “

Rachel and her husband Pasha Kovalev, who is a professional dancer on Strictly, welcomed her first child, a girl named Maven, in December.

Rachel Riley knocked on Eamonn Holmes

The TV presenter had just resumed filming Countdown when the pandemic stopped production, but said the couple was enjoying the extra time with the baby.

“Maven is such a beautiful little thing and every day we put it in the slingshot and we walk around,” she said.

“She’s at an age where everything is interesting, so even looking at a tree for five minutes is great.

“Besides, my mother-in-law had come from Russia when it all started and got stuck here, which means we have an extra pair of hands. “

* Read the full interview in Radio Times.

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