Queensway Carleton Hospital Reports COVID-19 Outbreak


The Queensway Carleton Hospital is treating at least one case of COVID-19, a resident or an employee, according to Ottawa Public Health (OPH).

The public health agency included the hospital in its report on institutional outbreaks on Tuesday, saying the epidemic is in unit A3.

Meanwhile, the outbreaks in the City of Ottawa long-term care home Garry J. Armstrong and the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital have been resolved.

Overall, OPH reports seven other COVID-19 deaths in the city and 16 new cases on Tuesday. This brings the total number of local deaths to 178 and the total number of positive coronavirus cases to 1,692.

For the first time, the city exceeds the 70% mark (1,187) for all the cases resolved.

There are 22 institutions that deal with COVID-19 outbreaks.


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