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In an unusual gesture for the normally tight-lipped head of state yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II released the audio of a private phone call with Professor Kathleen McCourt, President of the Commonwealth Federation of Nurses and Midwives, to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of nurses throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In what is considered to be a first royal family, Buckingham Palace shared extracts of comforting conservation with royal fans from around the world. The phone call took place on International Nurses Day when members of the royal family contacted nurses from around the world.

In the audio posted on Twitter by the official account of Kensington Palace, the Queen can be heard stressing the important role that the nurses played during the COVID-19 crisis.

Professor Kathleen McCourt said, “Hello, Your Majesty. “

The Queen replied, “Hello, this is more an important day. “

Professor McCourt said, “Oh yes, it is very special that International Nurses Day is being recognized by the general public. “

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The Queen replied, “Yes, because it is obvious that they have had a very important role to play recently. “

Last week, Queen Elizabeth II was praised for her “inspiring and wonderful” speech on the proud and moving British Victory Day.

The Queen addressed the nation on May 8, 2020, at 9:00 p.m., 75 years old when her father gave his speech marking the end of World War II in Europe with the surrender of the Nazis.

Queen Elizabeth II said that while the British public was celebrating from their homes and doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, the streets were filled with love and care for each other.

Another tweeted, ” What a brilliant, uplifting and emotional speech. ”

A fifth said, “Yand another big speech. What woman. “

Another Twitter user wrote: ” How fortunate we are to have such an inspiring and wonderful experience Queen.

” Her speech today raised the nation and gave us hope in these uncertain times. ”


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