“Public holidays in France” this summer


Mr. Philippe presented the 18 billion euros of the government Tourism Recovery Plan, to help support the national tourism sector following the Covid-19 crisis.

He said: “The French can go on vacation to France in July and August, and can resume their [holiday] reservations. “

Philippe said when referring to “France” it included both mainland France and overseas France.

He remained cautious and said the forecast would depend on the course of the epidemic as part of the deconfinement measures in the meantime. However, he said it would likely mean only the possibility of “very localized restrictions” in some areas.

He sought to reassure the public that their vacation bookings would be refunded if – in the worst case – they couldn’t continue after all.

He said: “Everyone in tourism and the hotel industry is trying to make sure that people are fully reimbursed [for their bookings]In the event that the spread of the epidemic means that new bookings are forced to be canceled after all.

Philippe admitted that “tourism is facing its worst test in modern history, although it is a major jewel in the French economy”.

He confirmed that the government would offer funds to support tourism businesses “until the end of 2020”.

There will be a limit of € 10,000 in assistance per company. More information on available assistance is available on the government’s website, plan-tourisme.fr.

The Prime Minister said he still expects cafes and restaurants to reopen in “green” departments from June 2, and that this is the “aim” of the government.

The final decision on the matter – which will depend on the state of the virus nationwide and how the situation will evolve in the context of the deconfinement – will be taken on May 25.

Prime Minister’s comments on maintaining summer vacation in France come a week after President Emmanuel Macron said it was “too early” to predict whether more distant vacations would be possible, and said that “of “large international journeys” beyond France and Europe were likely to be limited.

He said: “We will limit long international trips, even during the summer holidays. We will remain among the Europeans and we may have to reduce it even more. There are restrictions, and that’s normal. We have not won the battle against the virus. It’s still there, we just slowed it down. “

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