Promotional fate of Coventry City in the balance after the Ligue 1 meeting


League One clubs are expected to vote on how their season should end next week with points per game and finish all outstanding matches the two options available to them.

Coventry City is currently leading the division and the Sky Blues are considering promotion to the championship.

The EFL board of directors met this afternoon to discuss a wide range of issues following discussions with clubs in the three divisions over the past week.

The 23 League One clubs met by conference call last week in hopes of making a decision on how to end the campaign.

The desired results ranged from “void and void” at the end of the season using points per game and playing the remaining games.

In the end, the teams did not reach an agreement, despite the unanimous vote of the Ligue 2 clubs to end their championship season a few hours later, and will meet again later this week.

And now it seems that an agreement has still not been reached and a vote will be taken on whether or not the clubs should aim to complete the current campaign.

Writing on Twitter, John Percy of The Telegraph said, “Latest news on League One: will vote on how the season ends. Promotion / play-offs / relegation decided by PPG (points per match) or end the games. probably next week. ”

The League Two clubs voted unanimously to reduce their current campaign in line with the framework laid out by the EFL board of directors last week.


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