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The flower show takes place almost this year, but members of the royal family are usually regular attendants – especially the Queen, who is the patron saint of the Royal Horticultural Society. Last year, Charlotte, George and their little brother Louis explored a garden created by the Duchess of Cambridge in collaboration with several others. Images of the children playing in Kate’s garden were then uploaded to The Royal Family Channel on YouTube.

In a clip, William can be heard asking Charlotte, “Can you help George?” To which she replied sharply: “No! “

George seemed to be trying to do something with a stick and a rock, with an air of intense focus on his face.

Charlotte could also be heard patrolling around her older brother as they climbed rocks near a stream.

She pushed him impatiently, saying, “George! Faster, George! “

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princess charlotte

Princess Charlotte went to the Chelsea Flower Show with her family last year (Image: GETTY)

kate middleton prince william

Cambridges arriving at the garden (Image: YouTube – The Royal Family Channel)

Charlotte has earned a reputation for being a confident and cheeky little girl, unlike George’s quiet shyness.

For example, during the baptism of Prince Louis in 2018, Charlotte apparently said to the photographers: “You are not coming! “

However, the children seem to get along very well, the pictures showing the young princess playing happily with her family and sitting next to George, legs hanging on a low bridge.

The children’s mother Kate explained why she thought spending time outside with children was so important.

kate middleton news

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, explained why she thinks the outdoors is important to children (Image: YouTube – The Royal Family Channel)

She said: “I really love nature, being outdoors has huge benefits for our physical and mental well-being, especially for young children.

“It is a natural and creative place to play and I really hope that this wood that we created in a huge collaboration here really inspires families and children and communities in general to go out, enjoy nature, enjoy the outdoors and really spending quality time together. “

The Duchess added: “There is so much that children in particular can learn from such environments.

“They can learn life skills, everything from learning empathy by watching plants grow to physical activity, climbing trees or rocks and things help balance and coordinate . “

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prince george

Prince George in Kate’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show (Image: YouTube – The Royal Family Channel)

Her children seemed to be having a good time in the garden, with Charlotte shouting, “Ooh la la! “

George and Charlotte seemed to particularly like to swing on the rope, and even William joined him, asking to be pushed over.

William asked George to rate the garden in ten and the little prince gave him a 20.

The duke said, “Twenty out of ten? It’s rather good! I think mom did well. ”

princess charlotte

Princess Charlotte swinging on a rope (Image: YouTube – The Royal Family Channel)

This year, the Queen had a sincere message for the event in which she faithfully participates each year.

She said: “On the opening of the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2020, I extend my best wishes to everyone associated with the Royal Horticultural Society.

“My family and I have always enjoyed visiting the fair and I know that your members and supporters will be disappointed not to be able to attend in person this year.

prince louis

Prince Louis enjoyed the garden with his brothers and sisters (Image: YouTube – The Royal Family Channel)

“As the patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, I was delighted to learn that you will be giving gardening tips and virtual lessons on your website from Monday May 18 to Saturday May 23.

“I am sure my grandmother, Queen Mary, who attended the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in 1916, would be delighted that many people today have an enthusiasm for horticulture and that gardening remains a pass. – popular time in the UK.

“As you adapt to the current circumstances, I hope you find this unique event enjoyable and interesting.”


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