Prince William, Harry “Upset and Angry” about Princess Diana series


  • There is a controversial new four-part documentary about Princess Diana that “will focus on her inner troubles.”
  • A source shared that Prince William and Prince Harry will be “very upset and angry” about the series.

    As if the royal family did not have enough things to manage at the moment (see: the fallout from the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the tabloid trials of Harry and Meghan, the preparation of weddings for Princess Beatrice, the Prince Charles catching a coronavirus, and everyone (isolating from each other), it seems they are about to have another headache: a forthcoming four-part documentary series claiming that Princess Diana has attempted to commit suicide.

    According to The sun, the series, which is called Be me: Diana, “Will recount his mental health battles, his eating disorders, his unhappy marriage to Prince Charles and his painful childhood. “It is rumored that the series will air on Netflix and adds,” The series should use invisible footage of Diana’s speeches in 1990-92 and interviews with people close to her to focus on her inner troubles just before her and Charles. officially divided. ”

    Obviously the royal family would not be delighted with the series, and a source shared:

    The royal family will refuse to participate, as will the Spencer family. William and Harry will be very upset and angry. This is especially painful for Harry because he works with Netflix. At a time when the royal family received a heavy blow with the departure of Harry and Meghan, the moment is not good.

    As of yet, the project has not been completed or sold, so we will have to stay tuned to see how the royal family reacts and if it makes any statements about it.


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