President Donald Trump sends a message of support at the start of the broadcast of UFC 249


President Donald Trump addressed the UFC’s return to action in a special video that opened Saturday night’s broadcast of UFC 249 on ESPN.

As the first major sport to return to action after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump offered words of support to UFC president Dana White and the promotion of the Jacksonville show, in Florida.

“I want to congratulate Dana White and the UFC, they’re going to have a big game. We love it, “said Trump in his speech. “We think it’s important. Recover the sports leagues. Let’s play. “

While many states are starting to reopen for the first time since home stay orders were issued, Trump has advocated restarting the sport as a sign that the United States is regaining some sense of normalcy.

The UFC will host three consecutive shows over the next week with two more cards scheduled for May 13 and 16 in Jacksonville. Other sports leagues have started to develop plans to restart their own seasons with the UFC already back in business.


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