Premier League sets 2020/21 season start date to pressure current campaign


The Premier League is expected to announce to clubs that the 2020-21 season is due to start on the weekend of September 12-13 at a shareholders’ meeting on Thursday.

Optimism is growing about the resumption of the current campaign next month, the first phase of the project having restarted having generally been successful so far.

If all goes according to plan, the Premier League could be finished by the end of July.

However, there is still concern that further positive coronavirus tests from players or staff will see another delay.

And according to the Daily Mail, the season would have to be abandoned if it couldn’t be finished in mid-September.

Premier League teams such as Liverpool have recently resumed small group training

While the Premier League remains determined to finish the 2019-20 campaign fairly, it is also determined not to drag on in the latter part of the year and therefore to further confuse the calendar for next season.

For the moment, there is still no consensus on how this season would end if the game is not authorized, with suggestions such as the cancellation and cancellation of the campaign or the decision of the held on a basis of points per match, all charged with potential problems.

Premier League insists next season must start by mid-September

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Clubs remain committed to playing the remaining matches if it is possible to do so, and it is hoped that Thursday’s meeting will see fruitful discussions regarding the transition to phase two of the Restart project, in order to allow for sessions. training involving up to ten players and staff.

Meanwhile, UEFA plans to play in the final stages of the Europa League and the Champions League on 26 and 29 August, although it is not yet clear when play in the two competitions will resume.

Manchester City and Chelsea are still involved in the Champions League, Manchester United and the Wolves remaining in the Europa League.


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