Premier League restart date June 12 “impossible”


Watford defender Christian Kabasele doesn’t think the Premier League’s proposed June 12 return date is realistic and believes the end of next month is a more likely start date.

Teams resumed small group training this week as part of Phase One of the Restart project, and there is growing speculation that the Premier League will soon be able to follow in the footsteps of the Bundesliga and play matches in camera.

But some players, like Kabasele’s teammate Troy Deeney, objected to such a quick comeback while the coronavirus is still rampant, and speaking out Counter attack Kabasele podcast called for caution.

Christian Kabasele is not sure of a return to the Premier League

“Nothing has been confirmed yet,” he said. “Personally, I follow the news in the media because nothing is official yet.

“We (see) are talking about June 12. I think it is impossible because it would be less than three weeks of training after a long period of time doing nothing, it is a risk for us.

“I’m not sure, I have no information, but I don’t think we’re going to start on June 12. The most obvious choice for me is late June. That way, you have at least four weeks to train with the team if possible.

” We will see. Right now, that’s a big question mark about it. “

Watford is currently deprived of six players after Adrian Mariappa tested positive for Covid-19, with two other self-insulators and three, including Deeney, who chose not to resume training.

Kabasele added: “The club was very clear, very clear with that – each individual player makes their own choice.

Troy Deeney refused to resume training

“They are not pressuring us to say” you must be back “. It’s about the player, his feelings and every personal situation.

“For the moment, they have come to us with phase one and personally, I was quite satisfied with what they presented to us, so we will see what they plan for phase two and phase three.

“If it started 11 on 11 training tomorrow with contact, with everyone on the training ground, I wouldn’t go for sure.

“But with phase one, personally, I think everything is in place and they tried to make the training ground as safe as possible. “


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