Premier League close to deal that will alarm West Brom and Leeds United – Reports


Premier League clubs are on the verge of agreeing to play the remaining matches on neutral venues but without the threat of relegation, reports have said.

The high-flying bosses held a meeting on Friday to present the details of the “project restart” plan to end the campaign to the clubs.

Matches were halted for almost two months due to the coronavirus pandemic, with West Bromwich Albion’s championship promotion still pending.

Slaven Bilic’s team last played on March 7 in a goalless draw against Swansea City, leaving them one point behind Leeds United first and six points behind Fulham, third.

Details emerged this weekend of a proposal to play the last 92 Premier League games on neutral ground across the country.

BBC Sport reports that clubs are open to the idea, which would see up to 10 stadiums hosting matches, but with relegation removed.

The report said, “Clubs near the bottom of the table believe it is unfair to play in such different conditions when they risk being relegated.”

Brighton chairman and chief executive Paul Barber left the ranks to publicly oppose Saturday, issuing a statement saying the plan would create “very obvious disadvantages” for him.

Barber said: “At this critical point in the season, playing matches in neutral venues has, in our view, a significant impact on the integrity of the competition. “

The idea of ​​suppressing the relegation of the elite is alarming for Albion and Leeds, who have occupied the top two spots since November.

However, clubs could still be promoted without the need for relegation if the Premier League votes to increase the number of teams in the league for next season.

According to the Guardian, the EFL’s preferred contingency would be to promote the Baggies and Leeds if the season is shortened – then to maintain the play-offs based on current positions.


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