Poll: Trump’s advice on treating coronaviruses more harmful than useful


These figures on Trump’s coronavirus rhetoric come as public approval for his handling of the pandemic continues to slide. Forty-two percent of respondents said the president had done a good job, compared to 51 percent who said he had done a bad job. The most recent figures represent a drop from the March survey in Monmouth, when Trump received positive ratings for his handling of the pandemic: 50% of those polled said he had done a good job compared to 45% who said he did a bad job in fighting coronaviruses.

In recent months, Trump’s overall approval rating has continued to drop. The latest poll shows that 43 percent approve of the president’s overall performance, while 51 percent disagree, compared to 44 percent, 49 percent disapprove last month.

Although Trump’s general approval and approval for his management of the coronavirus have waned, Americans continue to give federal health officials and their own local leaders high marks for their handling of the virus.

Federal health agency approval is 21 points higher than that of the president, with only a quarter disapproving.

Overall, almost three-quarters of Americans say their governor is doing a good job of managing the epidemic, while 22% say their governor is doing a bad job.

“People are looking for a firm hand in a crisis. Government officials and public health professionals have been largely consistent in their approach to the pandemic, “said Murray. “This is one of the reasons why satisfaction with their response has been high and stable throughout, contrary to views on the president’s actions. “

Despite protests that have swept across the country in recent weeks by a crowd of protesters opposing their state’s strict demands for social distancing, pressuring governors to reopen, such feelings remain in the minority, according to the poll.


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