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The queen may have to be isolated for months because of the dangers of the coronavirus. The monarch is to stay at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip for the time being rather than returning to Buckingham Palace after the end of the Easter holidays, the Sunday Times wrote.

And his newspaper is clear of any commitments that involve meeting members of the public until the fall, the newspaper added.

Several key events in the royal newspaper were canceled due to the pandemic, including the Trooping the Color parade, summer garden parties and the Braemar rally in Scotland.

In addition, the Queen’s birthday honors list to be presented next month should be postponed and all of the awards ceremonies that usually take place at Buckingham Palace have been temporarily canceled.

These measures were taken to protect the health of the 94-year-old monarch, who is particularly vulnerable to the virus due to his age.

But they also raised concerns among royal experts and commentators, the Queen may not be seen in public for months – and perhaps years – if COVID-19 remains a threat to the lives of the British and no vaccine is found.

Royal Author Andrew Morton believes that the Queen may never be able to resume her royal duties and do the work she did before the pandemic.

He told the Sun: “It is terribly sad, but I do not see how the Queen can resume her usual work.

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“The COVID-19 virus will not go away soon and will be with us for months, if not years.

“It would be far too risky for the Queen to start meeting people regularly.

“She has always loved going out and meeting people, but she cannot take the risk.

“How can she invest in, meet ambassadors, take walks and visit places without meeting people up close?”


“If she catches the virus, it could be fatal and put Prince Philip in danger. “

Morton suggested that Prince Charles, after being tested positive for the coronavirus and successfully recovered, may need to step up and replace the queen after the peak of the virus has passed.

He said, “Prince Charles himself is over 70, of course, but he has the virus and probably has immunity now.

“The Queen’s speech last month was brilliant and brought the country together.

“To quote Churchill, it was her best hour, but from now on, we may only see her on video links.

“The Queen’s speech on Friday was an inspiration as she served in the war and she cheered up because she has the authority of all her life experiences. “

Scientists are still investigating whether people who survive the new coronavirus get enough antibodies to become immune to COVID-19.

But Prince Charles, 71, would still be less at risk than his mother during an engagement with the public.

These fears arise after a royal commentator argued in 2017 that the Queen could step down from royal office and make Prince Charles the Prince Regent.

Robert Jobson wrote in the Evening Standard, “The Queen will keep calm and go on, but there is nothing stopping her from following her husband into retirement.

“I understand that she hinted that she would be considering a Prince Charles Regency at 95.

“Nothing prevents him from doing that. “


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