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FILE - On the left, in a photo taken on August 21, 2015, a former NBA star and current owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, smiles at Chicago journalists. Right, in an archival photo from March 5, 2018, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers smiles in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Detroit Pistons in Cleveland. With 10 points Friday evening March 30, 2018, James will surpass Jordan's NBA record by scoring double digits in 867 consecutive games, a remarkable streak of consistency and durability that could represent one of the star's greatest achievements. from Cleveland. (Photo / AP file)

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If the main objective of The last dance the documentary was to serve as a reminder of the greatness of Michael Jordan, mission accomplished.

According to a survey by ESPN, 73 percent of the 600 NBA fans said that Son Airness is the overall player superior to LeBron James. This was not just a case of older fans living in the past either, as respondents were equally divided into age groups 18 to 34 and 35 and over, both choosing Jordan over James.

The 35 and over age group chose the legend of the Chicago Bulls in 79% of the cases, while the 18-34 age group chose Jordan in 66% of the cases.

In addition, Jordan came out on top in the 17 specific questions, including those that asked participants to compare their individual skills on and off the field (Jordan is the first percentage and James is the second):

  • Best sneaker for fashion: 79% to 21%
  • Best sneaker for balling: 77% to 23%
  • Choice for a winning move: 76% to 24%
  • Pass through the clutch: 74 percent to 26 percent
  • Spectacular to watch play: 74% to 26%
  • Best player overall: 73% to 27%
  • The NBA was better at all levels: 71% to 29%
  • Win one on one at 21: 67 percent to 33 percent
  • First choice to create a team: 66% to 34%
  • Best offensive player: 65% to 35%
  • Best “look”: 65 to 35%
  • Have a drink with: 65 to 35 percent
  • Choose as a teammate: 63% to 37%
  • Positive impact outside the field: 62% to 38%
  • Best defensive player: 59% to 41%
  • Best passer: 59% to 41%
  • Trust yourself to pass the ball: 57% to 43%

Jordan also had a definitive advantage when participants chose the greatest player of all time, with 65% choosing the champion six times, 14% saying James, 13% saying he was too close to choosing and 8% choosing another player.

The results are somewhat troubling given that many James supporters point out his ability to influence the game beyond the score with his pass and rebound when compared to Jordan, who holds the NBA record at 30.1. points per game for an entire career.

Jordan has six championships against three for James and, according to respondents, has won those titles as the most clutched player with 76 per cent choosing him to take the winning shot.

So the Sunday episodes of The last dance highlighted some of his biggest game winners, including shooting in the final seconds of Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals against Utah Jazz. It was the last blow of his career with the Bulls and gave him his sixth ring.

James is still three years old championships behind, though he has been to more (nine) NBA finals than his counterpart in this argument.


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