Police kill man suspected of stabbing seven people in Western Australia


Police were informed on Friday morning of an outburst of stab wounds near a shopping center in the town of South Hedland.

The suspect, in his early 30s, was armed with a large knife. He allegedly first attacked a man seated in a vehicle before entering the mall.

He then slashed six other people inside the premises, as well as two police officers.

One of the victims was a young woman, who was stabbed while pushing a baby in a stroller.

Attacker was confronted by two officers and ordered to drop the knife several times before one fired and killed several times, said the Commissioner of the Canadian Forces. Western Australia, Chris Dawson.

Dawson said one of his officers “barely escaped serious injury” in what the police described as a “confrontational and dangerous” outburst.

“It was a very dangerous [situation]. And the actions and decisiveness of these two officers, I believe, did not cause any additional injuries, “said Dawson.

David J Derschow told CNN that his girlfriend Esther Brooks was injured in the attack.

“I started to hear screams coming from the entrance where she [was supposed] to go out and I went to see if it was [safe] but people and children are exhausted, “he said.

“I saw my partner go out. I asked what happened and she just asked if she had been stabbed and of course she was. “

Brooks was taken to hospital and was then discharged after receiving stitches. She has since given a statement to the police.

Police said the attack was not supposed to be motivated by political or ideological reasons.


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