Police “fight the lost battle” for foreclosure as “hundreds” gather for picnics in the East London sun


Police say they are “waging a lost battle” to enforce the lockdown after “hundreds” have gone to East London parks to enjoy picnics in the sun.

Officers in Hackney said groups gathered in borough parks to have “pizza, beer, wine,” despite social distancing rules and government calls to keep people at home. weekend.

This comes after the Coast Guard said Friday was its busiest day since the lockout started, with more than double the number of calls compared to last month’s average day.

Boris Johnson is due to outline potential changes to the lockdown rules on Sunday, but insisted that any changes would be “limited.”

It is believed that people could be allowed to spend more time exercising outdoors as part of the changes.

Currently, however, people are only expected to leave their homes for work, food, exercise or health reasons and must observe the social distance rule of two meters when outside the home. House.

Ve Day In celebrations Cosham

A Hackney police statement released today on its official Twitter page alongside an image believed to be of London Fields said: “Unfortunately, today we are waging a lost battle in the parks.

“Literally hundreds of people seated having pizzas, beers, wines. As always, a big thank you to those who follow the guidelines. “

People at Primrose Hill, north London, during soaring temperatures (AP)

Victoria Park in east London was closed during the lockout after council said there were too many people breaking the social distancing guidelines.

Likewise, the Lambeth Council closed Brockwell Park after more than 300 sunworshippers broke the lock rules.

Grant Shapp confirms that the number of coronavirus deaths in the UK increases from 346 to 31,587

Previously, Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock, suggested that if people continued to break the rules – a form of daily physical fitness while staying at least two meters from others – then outdoor exercise could be prohibited and the park doors closed

Police officers on horseback in Victoria Park, East London (REUTERS)

However, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, said that he did not agree with the decisions to close the green spaces and had “clearly indicated” to the councils that the parks were to remain open to help those with limited living space.

The police tweet came as some VE Day street parties were criticized for allegedly breaking the lock rules.

One street in Cosham, a suburb of Portsmouth, was among those who celebrated Victory Day with a street party, while residents near Warrington were criticized for playing a “socially distanced” conga.


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