Police called hundreds of people lining up for hours on end to buy Tango Ice Blast on an industrial estate


Police were called when hundreds of people stood in line for hours in isolation to buy an iced drink in an industrial area in North Wales.

A van selling Tango Ice Blast was parked on Saturday in the Cibyn industrial area in Caernarfon and drew hundreds of people into their cars.

Witnesses estimated that more than 150 motorists were lining up around the estate, with more people lining up on foot.

Some people were said to have stood in line for about two hours, and a person who lives nearby said that they had never seen the area so busy.

They said they were “annoyed that the van came and encouraged people to risk their lives.”

But the company that runs the van said it followed all the rules and that the police had “no problem” with the measures they had taken to comply with the regulations. This has not yet been confirmed by the police.

Another witness, who was walking around the area at the time, said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The company said it followed all the rules

Speaking to North Wales Live, said, “I was going to be walking around Cibyn around 6:30 pm, and I saw a bunch of cars lining up and people walking in groups.

“As I turned around the corner, I could see that the queue went all the way down the road and went up again.

“There was also a long line of people on foot. There was a social distancing towards the end of the queue, but the closer people were to the van, the closer they were.

“I thought they should distribute them free of charge judging by the number of people in attendance, but I have heard that people are paying for them.

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe people were doing this. It was really surreal. I can not understand.

“I am more annoyed than everyone else doing it.

“It shouldn’t have been there. It’s encouraging non-essential travel. ”

North Wales Events and Catering Services, which runs the van Tango Ice Blast, said it acted according to the rules and used the area because it was “out of town” and “less likely” to attract walkers.

Following concerns, police were called to the scene, but the company said the police had “no problem” with what they were doing.

More cars were parked in the industrial area while some were lining up on foot

The Welsh government has advised people to stay at home and travel only when absolutely necessary.

One person wrote on Facebook, “What to do when we are locked out to encourage people to go out for non-essential, appalling reasons.” “

Another called it “a shame” and said, “No wonder the number of guests in Gwynedd is not decreasing. “

It has also been reported on social media that police were called on Friday to move the van to Bangor after traffic became “blocked” near Asda after long queues.

However, a social media user defended the Ice Blast van.

They wrote, “For whatever you offer them, they are trying to do something good locked out and the board has approved their presence.

“Yes, more social distancing measures should be put in place, but maybe check first before you put in the money and start a business. “

However, another wrote, “What’s wrong with people. We have the highest cases in North Wales and all these queues for melted snow are totally wrong. ”

North Wales Events and Catering Services, which supplies the Tango Ice Blast, said: “Many food stores are now reopening with measures in place to work safely not only for employees but also for customers.

“From experience, if we work in the center of a city, it can create a number of traveling customers. This is why we used the Cibyn industrial area, outside of the city center and less likely to attract a lot of visitors.

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“However, those who go to the site constantly remember our distance of 2 meters by our staff who try to organize the queues to the best of our ability and we have put in place measures to ensure that there is a gap of 2 meters.

“Yesterday, during our visit, we had the visit of the North Wales police, who had no problem with the measures we had taken to ensure compliance with the regulations.

“We understand that people can actually break the regulations, but as a company, we are doing everything in our power to prevent this.

“While Covid 19 is a pandemic and we are trying to keep everyone safe, we are no different from the likes of KFC, Mcdonalds or the larger chains trying to restart their business, but in a safe way and efficient. “

North Wales police were asked for comment.

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