Plonker arrested as protest over foreclosure in Stoke-on-Trent falls flat


Police have confirmed that only one person has been arrested after the planned lockouts in two parks in Stoke-on-Trent fell flat.

Posters created by the UK Freedom Movement, which described the current situation as illegal and invited people to meet today to protest, were widely distributed on social media this week.

The mass rallies were slated to take place in Hanley Park and Central Forest Park this afternoon, but residents of the city continued to respect restrictions to fight the spread of coroanvirus.

Earlier in the day, temporary assistant police chief Simon Tweats of the Staffordshire police confirmed that someone had been arrested and fined £ 100.

He tweeted, “Glad to report no mass gatherings in any of our parks in Hanley or elsewhere in the county.

“Only one plonker showed up on his m / c giving him the big” I am “, who made a no-frills trip in detention and is now £ 100 worse.

Cones at the entrance to Central Forest Park in Hanley.

“Thank you to Chief Inspector Karen Stevenson and all the other officers who oversee today’s patrol plans. First class engagement with our local communities to ensure the safety and well-being of people. “

Officers were dispatched to stand guard at the entrance to Central Forest Park to deter the mass rally.

Elsewhere in the country, around three dozen people gathered in London’s Hyde Park to protest the coronavirus lockout.

The demonstrators, who were standing near everyone at the Speaker’s Corner, were seen holding signs and banners that included messages such as “freedom from fear.”

A protester, David Samson, 50, who said he worked in finance, told The Press Association that he attended because “I never thought I would see my generation suppressing civil rights” against a ” fake virus ”.

Similar events were planned across the country, but most do not appear to have happened.

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