Piers Morgan takes stock of GMB’s return and responds to critics asking why he took a test


Piers Morgan criticized that he was able to get tested for coronavirus after developing symptoms.

The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed that he tested negative for COVID-19 on Monday evening.

Although he does not have the deadly virus, he still takes time off to host the ITV program, with Ben Shephard joining Susanna Reid in the panel.

He tweeted, “UPDATE: My COVID-19 test was negative. I was advised to take the test by my doctor after developing any symptoms of coronavirus, and I had the right to do so as a government-designated essential worker.

Piers Morgan responds to criticism that he has been tested for coronavirus

“I will be back on @GMB as soon as my doctor tells me that I agree to return to work.”

Some followers were less than happy that Piers could be tested so quickly, and one responded by saying so.

Piers still out of GMB despite negative coronavirus test

They said, “Essential worker ????? My daughter is a nurse – she is an essential worker. “

But Piers pointed out that even if it were agreed that nurses are more important than journalists, both are still classified as “essential” and can therefore be tested.

Piers Morgan responds to criticism that he has been tested for coronavirus

He said, “Your daughter is a much more essential worker than I am.

“I was not drawing any equivalence, just explaining that the government has designated all journalists and broadcasters covering the coronavirus crisis as essential workers too, which is why we can get tested if we show symptoms. “

Ben and Susanna sent their best wishes to Piers in Tuesday’s program and joked that they would be on their “best behavior” during his absence.

GMB is broadcast on weekdays from 6 a.m. on ITV.


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