Piers Morgan responds after being criticized for taking a coronavirus test as a keyworker


Piers Morgan retaliated after successfully obtaining a coronavirus test as a key worker.

The host of Good Morning Britain – who has not appeared on ITV for two consecutive days – tested negative for COVID-19 after appearing to be showing symptoms of the deadly virus.

Piers, 55, has now retaliated after being accused of somehow manipulating the government definition of a key worker in order to get a test.

An indignant follower, who has since deleted his tweet, accused the broadcaster of tampering with his status, while vulnerable people across the country could not be tested.

“My daughter is a nurse – she is an essential worker,” said the angry follower.

Piers retaliated after being tested for coronavirus as a key worker

Piers replied, “Your daughter is an infinitely more essential worker than I am. I was not drawing any equivalence, just explaining that the government has designated all journalists and broadcasters covering the coronavirus crisis as essential workers too, which is why we can get tested if we show symptoms. “

It comes after Secretary of Health Matt Hancock showed there was no hard feelings when he contacted Twitter to send his best wishes to Piers.

“Sorry to see @PiersMorgan has symptoms of coronavirus. If your test is positive, I sincerely hope it is mild. Get well soon, “said the Cabinet Minister.

Piers went down with symptoms over the weekend

“Thank you, Secretary of Health, I appreciate your concern,” said Piers, just days after the two men clashed at GMB over the government’s management of the coronavirus outbreak.

This comes after Piers informed his supporters that he was going on leave from GMB for the foreseeable future after having symptoms similar to COVID over the weekend.

“On medical advice, and out of caution for a slight symptom that has appeared in the past 48 hours, I have had a test for COVID-19 and I will therefore not work on @GMB until I get the result, which should be tomorrow, “he tweeted Sunday evening.

Piers and Matt Hancock clashed on GMB – but seem to have caught up

Piers later told his supporters, “My COVID-19 test was negative. My doctor advised me to do so after developing possible symptoms of coronavirus and was authorized to do so as a government-appointed essential worker. I will be coming back on @GMB as soon as my doctor tells me that I agree to return to work. “

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This morning, Piers was replaced on the air by Ben Shephard, who co-hosted the show with Susanna Reid.

Susanna opened GMB, explaining the absence of Piers despite her negative test.

Ben Shephard replaced Piers on GMB this week

“We are pleased to report that Piers has tested negative for the coronavirus, but it is still in bad weather,” she told the camera.

Dr. Hilary responded to the news by saying, “For him and his family, we are relieved too. This is really good news for anyone who has a negative result for covid-19.

“Piers had symptoms that were suggestive, so it’s really good that he was able to pass this test and it was negative, so we wish him a quick and speedy recovery. He’ll be there very soon, I imagine. “

Susanna added, “Yes, best wishes to you. “

Ben joked: “Yes, the sooner the better. I’m tired enough and it’s only the second day, frankly! “


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